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Thank you so much for agreeing to serve in this important role!

We bless your commitment and pray that your fiduciary work will always be viewed  as a way to further the Good News of Jesus Christ.

You have a pivotal role in keeping your congregation  and the presbytery  connected by using the “Treasurer’s Checklist”.  When regular avenues of communication are honored and  honed, we become careful stewards,  generous partners in public  witness, and we point to the Good News of shared ministry  and mission which extends far beyond the local church.   If you have specific questions in this area, please feel free to contact our part-time bookkeeper, Toni Hatfield

G-3.0205 of the Constitution of the PC(USA) says this: 

“The session shall elect a treasurer for such term as the session shall decide and shall supervise his or her work or delegate that supervision to a board of deacons or trustees. 

Those in in charge of various congregational funds shall report at least annually to the session and more often as requested.

Sessions may provide rule for standard financial practices of the congregation, but shall in no case fail to observe the following procedures:

1. All offerings shall be counted and recorded by at least two duly appointed persons, or by one fidelity bonded person;

2. Financial books and records adequate to reflect all financial transactions shall be kept and shall be open to inspection by authorized church officers at reasonable times;

3. Periodic, and in no case less than annual, reports of all financial activities shall be made to the session or entity vested with financial oversight.”