Tools for Faith Formation 

Resources to aid in the Christian education of anyone – at any age!
Here’s a marvelous curation of materials to help congregations of every size and shape. 

How Do I Become a Certified Christian Educator?

Contact the Educator Certification Advisor
Vickie Dieth is our presbytery’s Educator Certification Advisor.
Reach Vickie via email or 850-766-9561 if you are wondering whether certification might be for you!
For More Information
Visit the Office of the General Assembly website for more information.

Ecumenical Resources

Big Ideas in Youth Ministry
Big Ideas in Youth Ministry Facebook Page & Podcast
Hope4CE Facebook page 
Parents Take 5

Tools and Curriculum

Helpful Links

Building Faith:

Curated resources for faith formation,
including seasonal ideas for all ages.

CRC Toolkits:

Resources gathered (curriculum, blogs)
on a variety of topics (intergenerational,
children, storytelling, older adults.)

Disparity Trap:

Disparity Trap, a board game to prompt
“conversations around race, wealth, and
privilege in the USA and how those
constructs impact society. “Step into
someone else’s shoes and experience
the disparities within a position different
from your own.”

Follow Me: Biblical Practices

for Faithful Living

This thirty-six-unit curriculum is
based on practices Jesus did and
taught us to do as faithful followers.
Written for people of all ages who
wish to live out their faith, this new
curriculum examines where these
practices are found in the Bible and
how they have been used in the
Christian faith then and now.


Uniquely created for babies and
toddlers, these resources introduce
little ones to faith concepts in
age-appropriate ways.

is an excellent resource for teacher
training and adult studies and these
studies will soon be used for those
who would like to become certified
as a Christian Educator.

Picture Book Theology:

Website with ideas for how secular
picture books connect with the
sacred for use in churches, retreats,
in parochial schools, and at home.

Praying in Color:

Active, visual, and meditative form
of intercessory prayer.  Website explains
how to pray using this approach.
Books with instructions and
pre-printed prayer pages to apply
to learning in Scripture, practicing
lectio divina and praying in other ways.


Online library of books for children and
older youth with ideas for use in worship
and Christian education settings. Book
reviews, lesson plans using the books
and lectionary reading tied to books.

Sunday LIFT  (Living in Faith Together):

Resources that invite all ages to share
food, learn, worship, and have fun in
small groups around tables. Replaces
or supplements traditional Sunday
school. Can also be used at home.

Resources and ideas for ministry with
all ages using an interactive platform.


offers online courses/videos for new
members, elders/deacons, adults,
and even confirmation.
Created by Synod of Mid-America.

Treasure Box Tuesday:

Weekly email of resources for children
and family ministries.  Links to articles,
products, books, conferences.

Visual Faith Cards:

Practice that guides through imagery

into deeper faith formation. Used in

multiple settings including Bible
studies, youth groups, storytelling,
intergenerational gatherings. Available
as a database or printed cards.


PC(USA) Resources

Presbyterian Giving Catalog

Igniting Generosity with a Playful Twist at APCE! As we journey through the season of Lent into Easter, what better way to engage our youth than with innovative, hands-on activities? The Presbyterian Giving Catalog is thrilled to have sparked curiosity and generosity at this year’s Association of Partners in Christian Education (APCE) annual event with an exciting I Spy Activity — a testament to how simple ideas can profoundly touch lives and communities.

While the APCE event may be over, the spirit of discovery and giving continues. Encourage children to delve into the Giving Catalog I Spy Activities, designed to nurture young hearts and minds toward passionate generosity.

Here’s how to keep the momentum going:

  • Embark on a Generosity Quest: Use our I Spy Activity Instructions to help youth explore meaningful gifts that can change lives.
  • Color for a Cause: Download our I Spy Coloring Sheets from chickens to veggies and let the creativity flow. Use each masterpiece to contribute to a quilt-style tapestry of giving.
  • Social Sharing with Heart: Share your I Spy discoveries and coloring creations on social media with the hashtag #GenerosityPGC. Let’s spread the word and inspire a community-wide wave of kindness.

Let’s harness the excitement from APCE and continue to foster a culture of giving in our Sunday schools. The Presbyterian Giving Catalog is your partner in this journey of generosity, one playful spy and color at a time. Find the I Spy Activity instructions and coloring sheets here.

PC(USA) Office of Christian Formation
PC(USA) Office of Christian Formation and their new Faith Practices Toolkit provides endless resources and features the collaboration of 5 collective partners. (See below)
Presbyterian Mission Agency
Why Presbyterians Are Like That
A recent addition from the Office of Christian Formation, Why Presbyterians Are Like That, is a 10-session Bible study designed for college students and young adults. The Office of Christian Formation has partnered with UKirk Collegiate Ministries to offer this series of free downloadable PDF Bible studies based on one Presbyterian chaplain’s suggestion of 10 reasons Presbyterians are the way we are. The study was written by Austin College chaplain and director of Church Relations the Rev. Dr. John Williams. To learn more or for individual lesson PDFs, click here. There will be an adaptation of this resource available in early 2023 for other adult class settings.

Worship Resources

Worship Arts Resources

Downloadable resources that help all ages lead in worship.

Worshipping With Children

Carolyn Brown Blog

Lectionary blog offers help for specific Sundays for intergenerational worship. Ideas include reading Scripture, prayers and liturgy that engage all ages.

Illustrated Resources:

Children’s bulletins and messages,
intergenerational coloring posters
and coloring pages

Milestones Ministry:

Taking Faith Home bulletin inserts and
faith discussion cards based on the
Revised Common Lectionary. Milestone
event recognition modules. Birthed
from Vibrant Faith Ministries.

Ideas and Resources for Musicians

Printable and digital resources for creatively integrating visual arts in worship for all ages.

Ashley Danyew:

Camps and Conferences

Flint River Presbyterian Resources

Britanny DiGiammarino

From Britanny DiGiammarino, Small Church Coordinator:

Brianna White
Restoration Therapy Resources by Brianna White, St. Andrews (Macon)