Committee on Education and Nurture (CEN)

CEN is responsible for developing programs and practices which empower, enrich, and encourage our member congregations in their Christian education and spiritual formation so that all may learn the essentials of our Reformed Christian faith and become lively, joyful and informed missionaries to the world.

This committee provides the following events for the education and nurture of
Presbyterian disciples of all ages:

  • Quarterly “cluster conversations” focused on the interests and needs of local congregations
  • Bi-annual “Celebration of Faith” (COF) [February 21-23, 2020]
  • Children and youth camps and conferences such as “Fall Youth Overnight” (FYO), Montreat, Dogwood Acres Camp
  • Annual trips for retired adults
  • Other trainings, events, trips and resources available as needed
  • Scholarships for denominational events available as well

2023 Meeting Dates

All meetings occur at 7pm EST on Zoom

  • TBD


2022 Montreat Video: “More Than Enough”

(As shown at the FRP Meeting, Saturday, August 13th)

2023 Montreat Information



Note: – Fill out the Adult Scholarship Application and submit electronically to Elizabeth Cantrell

All Forms and Documents on the FRP Website are in convenient PDF format. We recommend downloading the latest version of Adobe Reader for FREE if you do not already have it installed on your computer.

The Labyrinth

The Labyrinth was purchased by the Committee on Education and Nurture (CEN) and is available at the presbytery office for use at any time. Call (229-435-9726) or email Elizabeth Cantrell to reserve your dates and make arrangements for pick-up.