Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)

826 Liberty Expressway, S. E.

Albany, Georgia 31705

229-435-9726   ~   855-232-4300   ~   229-883-6440 (Fax)





Rev. Deb Bibler

Executive Presbyter, ext. 24

229-942-8304 (Cell)


  • Staff to the Commission on Education & Nurture.  Contact Deb if you have questions about:  Resource Center; Celebration of Faith; Conference Scholarships; Senior Adult ministries; Spiritual Formation

  • Staff to the Committee on Ministry. Contact Deb if you have questions about: Church vacancies; Church conflict; Non-parish ministries; Ruling Elders; Congregational Care Contacts

  • Staff to the Committee on Mission & Evangelism

  • Staff to the Advisory Board and its committees (Administrative, Personnel)

  • Directs the Reformation Project

  • Deb is available to anyone who cannot otherwise get help!

Elder Jerry Watts

Stated Clerk, ext. 25

478-747-3631 (Cell)

  • Staff to the Committee on Preparation for Ministry (Inquirers and Candidates)

  • Staff to Minutes and Records Committee, Overtures Committee and the the Permanent Judicial Commission

  • All Clerk of Session questions

  • Property and insurance issues

  • Minutes and church records

  • Questions about the Book of Order

Mrs. S. June Denney, FPCA III

Office Manager, ext. 22

  • Arrangements for Presbytery meetings, and all commission and committee meetings at the office

  • All matters related to operation of the office

  • Maintains The Webpage, Directory, LeaderPak

  • Assists Resource Center and COF Committee (registrar for COF)

  • Publicity for all Presbytery events

  • Compiles and maintains official files

  • Assist stated clerk with Church minutes and statisticals

Mrs. Connie J. Fritz

Children & Youth Coordinator, ext. 26

229-985-3158 (Moultrie/First)

  • Any questions about youth including:

  • Special activities

  • Youth Council

  • Camp

  • Montreat

Rev. Bethany Jessop

Youth Ministry Facilitator

814-746-6485 (Cell) 

  • preside over the sacraments during various presbytery youth events

  • assist in the planning and implementation of various educational activities for youth and young adults, under the supervision and direction of the Coordinator for Children and Youth Ministry

  • recruit, train and develop young disciples through the current Youth Council model, with freedom to redevelop as necessary under the supervision of the Committee for Education and Nurture.


Toni Hatfield

Bookkeeper, ext. 23 

  • Records and processes all income and expenses

  • Prepares monthly financial reports

  • Meets with the Finance Committee

Rev. Dr. Paul E. Luthman

Finance & Property Consultant

229-347-6416 (Cell)

  • Resources the Finance, Property, and Nominating Committees

  • Resources the Administrative Ministry Team of the Advisory Board

  • Interface with and work with the presbytery's bookkeeper

  • Conduct any required PNC orientations and work with those committees, as needed

  • Act as event coordinator of the Advisory Board and the committees of FRP

  • Other duties as assigned



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