Forms & Guidelines

Forms and guidelines in red are the latest updated forms. All forms will eventually be updated. Guidelines will be updated as needed.

Stated Clerk

Guidelines for Virtual Meetings (05/2020)
Statistical Reporting
Parliamentary Procedures
Session Records Report – ending 12/31/19 (as of 01/14/19)
Session Records Report – ending 12/31/18  (as of 04/25/18)
FRP Sexual Misconduct Policy (revised 11/01/11)
FRP Child and Youth Abuse Prevention Policy (amended 01/10/15)


SAMPLE  Session Agendas

2020 TREASURER checklist (updated 01/30/2020)
Background Check Form
Check Request Form
Database Form
Emergency Medical Form
Expense Voucher
Session Endorsement
Flint River Presbytery Manual (updated 06/13/18)
Host Church Instructions for Presbytery Meetings (updated 06/21/18)
Prevention of Sexual Misconduct Policy (revised 11/01/11)
Time and Talent Sheet

Committee on Ministry (COM)

COM Manual (updated 2019) 
Social Media Guidelines (March 12, 2020)
Minimum Compensation

Documents for Called/Installed Pastoral Leadership 
Welcome to God’s Call in Flint River Presbytery Packet (approved 06/27/17)
Ordination Installation Minutes
General Job Description For Teaching Elder
Pastoral Call form for Congregational Mtg ONLY (updated 05/10/18)
FRP Terms of Call Report to be submitted to FRP after congregational meeting – with simple instructions, submit annually by 1/31 

Contracts for Pastoral Leadership, submit annually by 1/31
Contract: Commissioned Ruling Elder updated 2018
Contract Interim Pastor
Contract Stated Supply Pastor
Contract Temporary Supply Pastor

CRE Documents
CRE Annual Report
CRE The Mentoring Process 

Housing Allowances, must be noted annually in congregational meeting minutes
Housing Allowance – Wording to Include in Congregational Meeting
Housing Allowance – Housing Document Congregation Supplies Minister After Congregational Meeting

PNC Resources
Working with a PNC (March 12, 2020) 
Instructions for Entering a New Ministry Information Form

Resources for Pastoral Departure
Guidelines For Leaving a Congregation (Separation Ethics) (updated 01/04/18)
Policy for Dissolution of a Call between Congregation and its Installed Pastor (updated 05/29/18)

TRE Documents                                                                                                                                  
TRE Application and Packet (updated 2014)

TRE Annual Report

Ruling Elder Training
Officer Training Questionnaire
Ruling Elder Handbook (updated 08/15/16)

Pulpit Supply Information
Compensation for Pulpit Supply Ministers (updated 11/9/17)
Expectations and Ethics around Pulpit Supply (approved 11/9/17)
Pulpit Supply Listing (updated 05/19)


Committee On Mission & Evangelism (CME)
2021 Grant Information 


Committee on Education & Nurture (CEN)
CEN Scholarship Policy
Adult Scholarship Application

Children & Youth Forms
FRP Youth Covenant & Medical Release Form (2018-2019) – updated 04/30/18
FRP Child and Youth Abuse Prevention Policy (amended 01/10/15)

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