Flint River Presbytery is a “resource broker” – linking needs that exist in member churches with adequate resources to meet those needs. This includes not only the development and support of individual ministers, church staff, and lay leadership, but also helping local churches come to understand why they exist and to define, celebrate, and act based on their unique calling to mission and ministry for Jesus Christ.

To accomplish these ends requires comprehensive communication between Presbytery and member churches, between the member churches themselves, and between the member churches and the Synod and General Assembly.

The Presbytery is aided in this mission through the work of its Committees, Commissions, and Ministry Teams. We invite you to explore the mission and ministry of Presbytery’s Committees, Commissions, and Ministry Teams.

Advisory Board
Committee on Education and Nurture (CEN)
Committee on Mission and Evangelism (CME)
Committee on Ministry (COM)
Committee on Preparation for Ministry (CPM)
Permanent Judicial Commission (PJC)
Presbyterian Women